Thursday, July 17, 2008

More Knitting Companions

After reading some comments from my last post... I think I need to clarify what happened in the park. The sparrows were not a problem. Their cute and were not at all bothering me while I sat for a moment. It was when the Bird Lady broke out the bread slices and tried to feed them that it became wild kingdom. The pigeons came swooping. We're talking at least 10 birds... so the sparrows dart out of their way. I can understand why... pigeons are mean. They snap and bit at the little sparrows. Then the seagulls come to flock and they pick on the pigeons. Now, pigeons are so dumb that they fight back against the seagulls. Total and complete chaos. All while I'm sitting on the stone wall enjoying a fruit and yogurt parfait. Thinking to myself "This can't be good!"

I do have a more frisky knitting companion at home.

This is how I prefer him to be; calm, quite and not grabbing at my yarn.

So, what am I working on? Handpainted socks are close to done.

The Cleopatra socks have been cast-on this morning. This yarn and pattern will not be available to the public for one year... nice perk with the Sock Club.

I'm hoping to make it up to the Midwest Fiber Festival in Crystal Lake this weekend. If I hear any chance of rain, I'm out. I can't imagine going and having to deal with mud, rain and humidity. ick.

More to come later, as the Windmill Beret is blocking on a plate;) Thanks for the advice Knitterary. It's turning out perfect.


A :-) said...

Kris, Most of the fair is indoors this year. They have a new location at McHenry County College. There is one section of outdoor booths, but it's not in the park where it was last year. I hope you go! I'll be there Saturday. :-)

Here's the link:

Knitterary said...

yw :)

I'm skipping the fair this weekend. Too much to do before heading out of town. But have a great time, and I can't wait to hear all about it!