Saturday, July 05, 2008

FO: Strawberry Top

Pattern: Fruity Fun Strawberry Top

Yarn: Cascade Cotton Rich DK (2 balls of red, 1 green, 1 yellow, 1 white)

Needles: US 7

Start Date: June 15, 2008

End Date: July 4, 2008

Comments: Talk about deadline knitting. I wanted to have this project done for miss Mac to wear this on the 4th of July so badly that I was up until 3am knitting the Strawberry and attaching the vine to the bodice. What a fiddly knit. This project wasn't difficult, just new techniques. This was the first time I had a crochet edging... and to be honest I like it and it's not to hard to do. It gives a nice clean edge to the piece.

I only snagged one picture with miss Mac wearing it, because a plate of BBQ was waiting for her. There is no way she's eating BBQ ribs and wearing this top thank you very much. Can you tell she just got out the pool? yeah, we hat a lot of fun last night. phew. I need a vacation to recover from that holiday bash!

I hope everyone had a lovely and safe holiday. Peace, Love and Knit-On!


Anonymous said...

Wow ! That top turn out wonderfully. You did a super job and Miss Mac looks so cute!

Tammi said...

Miss Mac and the tops are too cute. I love the knitted strawberry. I want to make a bowl full.

Tricia said...

It's adorable and Miss Mac is one beautiful child. Can't believe you finished it so fast. I just love a determined knitter!

Laurelena said...

It's just darling!!! And so is the darling girl wearing it!

I love it!!

ShopDaughter said...

Holy moly!!! She looks just like Eddie in this picture!!!! I love her to pieces! Give her a great big hug for me. You did an absolute fabu job on this, knit her MORE stuff!!! :D You know she'll love it!!! I wonder if there is a strawberry themed sock pattern out there???? ;)

A :-) said...

Oh could she be any cuter? And that top came out just as darling as can be! A perfect summer knit!