Thursday, December 06, 2007


Every year we go the THE MALL and really it's not to shop. It's to see the BIG MAN dressed in red. Yep, Santa. I've been doing this since Eric was 6 months old, so I've seen my fair share of Santa's. I'm picky when it comes to Saint Nick. First off, there has got to be a real beard. None of this fake wig stuff. Second, he's got to have shall I say...presence.

We arrived at THE MALL around 1 o'clock and they were not allowing any more people in the line as it was soon approaching reindeer feeding time. We dodge through the crowds and ventured into several establishments to pass time. I soon figured that sitting in line would work out much better in the long run. The boys were off doing what boys do while me and Miss Mac sat at the front rope, waiting for Santa's return.

I knit on the mini-half blood prince socks while she ogled the holiday decorations planted around Santa's chair. A short time later we hear bells ringing down the long corridor. Then out of know where a voice bellows all around us... Ho! Ho! Ho!

I swear I got chills.

Miss Mac grabbed my hand and said softly. "It's Santa..mommy" Yes...Yes it is.

Santa sat down. They opened the rope and she started to back up. I told her "It's okay, it's time to talk to Santa now."

"Come give me a big hug!" says Santa.

Mac quickly walks up to him and sheepishly hugs him. Not quite knowing what to do next. On the lap she goes and Santa asks the big question. What do you want for Christmas?

She hardly but a whisper...Thomas.

Without any hesitation "I know Thomas and Percy and Gordon, sure I know all Thomas's friends"

Mac looks up at him with the expression of wonderment...he knows them, he understands.

I quickly tell her to smile real nice for the camera and look what we walked away with:


Mrs. H (aka MrsAych) said...

This has got to be the single best picture with Santa picture I've ever seen! Look at that smile! :)

A :-) said...

Oh, could she be ANY cuter?!?! I don't think so. :-) What a perfect photo!

Nancy said...

omigod--that is the most precious Santa picture I have ever seen in my life. Kris, you'd better take up scrapbooking next...

Cetta said...

She is the most photogenic kid EVER!

Anonymous said...

Now THATS a santa.. and your daughter is adorable! :-)