Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Oh Hell No!

Okay, so let me just say I'm super jealous of everyone out there who has all their holiday shopping done. (evil eye stare).

Sat down with hubby last night to go over budget and all that good stuff. We've taken several people off the xmas list as it has just gotten to be to much for the holidays. When this happens that's when guilt sets in. I want to give. give. give, but what do you do when you can't? I bake. sigh. At least I know I can do that and not feel to guilty that I haven't bought for everyone this year. Yeah, that's it...pump them full of sugar and maybe they wont notice how broke we are;)

Now, what kills me is this... hubby and I talked about who and what and how...he gets to a certain member of my family and pulls the "oh, you could just knit something!"... huh? me? knit? ARE YOU SERIOUS! I played it off all cool...and now here I am on my lunch break searching Ravelry for the perfect, simple, quick, yet jaw dropping holiday gift you can give. Nope. Not going to happen. I said no holiday knits. I mean it. I'm not stressing myself over this blown out of the water holiday anymore.

This year is all about my kids and what they want. My son has pulled a miracle this holiday and turned an F into a C. Yep, that's my boy!!

Alrighty Then...moving along. Knitting news. The Koolhass hat is now in time-out. I can't seem to read the knitting when I ripped back and have no clue where I am in the pattern. sigh. It would probably be quicker to start over.

Fulmar is just inches away from neckline decreases and because I love pictures...here is a photo:

Only other thing going on is Becca's Munchkin is due (Go check out the glowing mommy-to-be) ... MB and I have already lost the bet. Others still in the running are as follows:

  • Karen has December 5th (3:30 am, 7lbs 14oz 19in)
  • Bethany has December 6th
  • Linda has December 7th
  • Nancy has December 8th
  • Wren has December 9th
  • A:) has December 12th
  • Mo has December 15th

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Rebecca said...

Oh, and Pete the Aussie (who was the third person to find out, me, then Jason, then Pete 'cause he was staying with us at the time) has 00:01, 1/1/2008.

He's evil like that. :)