Friday, January 12, 2007

Stitches Salon

What happens to my brain on Friday afternoons? Because I could serious kick my self right now. I headed out to lunch and while I was sitting in the basement of Macy’s cafĂ©, it came to me. I was suppose to be at the Stitches Salon and knit among the other Chicago knitters. WTF!! Did I have a brain fart? Oye, so I passed by...cute isn’t it!

Okay...aren't those huge needles and yarn just about the cutest thing you've ever seen???

I even walked inside where a handful of people where sitting around being taught to knit. Squeals of joy coming from the teacher as the student actually knitted his first stitch. His comment was... Oh, I get it, that wasn’t hard at the light bulb went off and he sounded so pleased and ready to do it again.

The great space was surrounded by all kinds of interesting and creative designs...from a knitted teepee/fort, crocheted clothes, handmade jewelry and unique artwork. There is a super soft couch and lounge chairs with a fake fireplace that crackles...too cool. I really had to get back to work, other wise I would have found a spot and knitted some rows of the ongoing socks on two circ’s. I’m so going to put a post-it note on my computer to remember to go next week.

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Mary Bridget said...

My boyfriend and I were at a loss for things to do this weekend, so being the imp I am, I suggested this. The "please don't make me go" whine was unforgettable.