Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Toss Up!

With the most perfect weather outside today, I had my work-dilemma. Should I go outside and have a relaxing stroll in dowtown Chicago before I loose all hopes of a sunny weekend? This being the view from my office window...Gorgeous, yes?

But alas, the alpaca calls and I can't help but pull out the lace pullover...and cast-on for the right sleeve. I guess I'll have to pray for nice weather this weekend:) Not sure if you can clearly see the photo of the sweater (done in blue) - Interweave Spring 2006 issue.

I fall in love with this yarn over and over again. As a side note...I'm done with the possum fingerless gloves. I will post about that one with before and after shots of the blocking. I'm hoping that it will help the curling effect they've taken to. Plus, I really need to do a test swatch on my felt bag project...*note to self: remember before's and after's!!

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Rebecca said...

Post a new picture! Show us sweater growth!