Friday, September 15, 2006

Clapotis is Stupendous

I got to show off my latest project this week to my Stich 'n Bitch group. Talk about perfect timing, the weather is turning a bit chilly when that sun is behind those clouds.

You'll have to forgive my hubby for taking a bad-blurry picture of me when I got home.

Not sure if this photo will post well either, but let me just say "Oh Yeah!" I'm in love with this. The yarn is a lovely Silk Wool that was shown to me from a lovely woman at My Sister Knits. This yarn was some of the new stuff for fall...soft and easy to knit.

I would definately recommend this project to any knitter. Pattern is on and can be located under shawls. The name of this pattern is Clapotis, which I believe is french...and makes the whole project even more memorable.


Kathy said...

Hey Kris,

The shawl is BEAUTIFUL!! Congrats on completing it.

Happy Birthday too. You're Mom is here with me helping me get through this week and she says "Hey Kris...COOL SHAWL!"


Jen Adams Donnelly said...

Beautiful- you and the Clappy. There's something about a finished Clapotis that just makes you feel cool and pretty. Can't wait to break mine out next week.