Friday, September 22, 2006

One Project, Two Project ... More!

Completed some rows of the Happy Socks at the Wednesday Night SnB and I've reached the K2P2 ribbing...there on there way to getting on my feet and doing the happy dance - you all know the Happy Sock Dance right? Becca should be doing that dance any day now, with her second crayon-Vomit sock almost complete.

Now, I'm thinking about fingerless mitten done in possum...

Call me a copy cat...but after seeing these fingerless gloves done by Theresa and Mary Beth I couldn't help my self. The yarn was from my Cherry Tree Hill Labor Day grab bag and at first you think Possum?? What the hell, but this stuff is super soft and just plain yummy. The pattern is from Knitty (name of pattern: Fetching) and knits up so quickly....just to show you, here is what I did just last night.

Most likely I'll be making a pair out of all the colors and give them away as Xmas gifts...that's right people if you haven't realized it's September 22, really only one week left in the month, ouch! Reality Check Hurts:)

Also...can't forget my felted celtic bag...or at least celtic inspired.

So, who of you out there have started your Holiday Shopping?

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Becca said...

Becca would be doing the happy sock dance, if she in fact had any time at all for knitting. Instead, her knitting time seems to be taken up with mostly growling at the knitting bag, and yelling at it, which doesn't help much. It's not that the knitting has done anything wrong, but rather that Becca's brain appears to have gone on stike.