Friday, May 01, 2009


The zipper arrived while I was on vacation...

A little yellow. Well Hell, A Lot Yellow!

Back to the drawing board. At least this gives me a chance to remeasure for proper length. With the length that I bought the handle of the zipper was going to be peaking out from the bottom. I'm not liking that idea.

What am I getting my self into this weekend? A little bit of trouble:

The sad part, is that this is 100 percent better then what it looked like at the beginning of April. I'm hoping I will get some good "after" pictures, but can't bet on how much will actually get done.


A :-) said...

That is lighter than expected, isn't it? :-( but geez, the sweater looks so damn beautiful!!!

And Yay!!! on the bathroom!!! :-)

Yarnsnob said...