Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Update

My life has been such a whirl wind that I wanted to give a quick little update on both knitting and bathroom fronts:

What used to be here...

Is now here...

Yes... I have a toilet in my bedroom. Not exactly where I'd like it right now, especially when little 4 year olds don't know how to "hold it" for very long. sigh.

The last little bit of old wallpaper was captured once toilet was removed. How did these people function with black paisley wallpaper? That can't be a flattering color to put makeup on.

We've been dry-fitting the floor tile all week and we're planning on setting that this weekend. Hopefully along with the counter-top for the cabinet.

In the knitting department I've started two new projects.

The Absinthe socks from Knitty Spring 2009. The pattern just pulled at my cable heart strings and couldn't help but cast on.

Next is the Tapestry Cowl by Pepperknit.

I was just awestruck by the reversible cowl so much that I had to cast on immediately especially when I saw other examples made with the Malabrigo Sock yarn.

The other big news is the Nubby Cardigan has been seamed together and needs button bands and collar to be considered finished. I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend even while I slave away doing manual labor.

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