Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Just days away...

And then I'm off to sunny Florida. The kids are excited and have already started packing. Life at the house as been a little crazy. My kitchen is or has... well hell it's still not back to normal.

House is going on the market. Please say a little prayer. My Realtor suggested I neutralized the kitchen with something less...vibrant. It takes me a long time to pick out color and when I make quick choices I'm really not happy with my choice. I'm hoping the new owners will like it. I'm on the fence.

With the kitchen not even yet as of today put back together, it makes daily living hard. All the pantry items are on my kitchen table and putting everything back will take some time as well. Not everything will go back as I need to "de-clutter". sigh.

I do feel like there is a turning of the tide, so-to-speak. I feel good about what we're about to get into and I'm hoping all the stars are aligned.

Knitting has been in serious "Get er Done" stages. I'll have photos soon, but it might be FO photos soon enough.

Zipper has been purchased and I was a little disappointed to have to settle with a different color verse purchasing a dozen to get the color I wanted, but either way it will be lovely.

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