Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Plaited Points

The other day I started a pair of socks in my usual toe-up style. After getting the toes done I was thinking, what about a pattern? With the new winter Knitty up, there could be possibilities. Eyeing the Plaited Points socks, I noticed the pattern is toe-up. Well Hell... it must be a sign. So far the only modification has been in the toe area.

The yarn is the lovely Malabrigo sock yarn. The one delightful thing is that it's not highly twisted, so no tangles and helicopter untwisting needed. The yarn is very light in the fingering weight department, but I'm liking the fabric that's coming out on these US 2 needles.

The cables are turning out fabulously and really with only a slight bit of doubt in the patterns foot length, but I'm just going to trust that it will work out.

In other news, the family holiday pictures were taken last night. sigh. After much giggling, silly play, a few tears (from me) and the bribing of ice cream sandwiches we finally achieved success.


A :-) said...

Wonderful holiday photo!! :-)

Knitterary said...

Your kids are too cute!

I have to check out that pattern now. The cables look terrific.

Jenn (aka: Darksocks) said...

Score one for the good guys!

Mrs. H (aka MrsAych) said...

Love the sock and the pic of the kids is precious. Love it. :)