Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My Little Piece of Heaven

Some time ago I had been given this child's size armoire from an associate of mine. Nothin' like free stuff baby! Took it home and gave it a spanking good coat of chocolate brown paint, some railing trim and new hardware... and what do you get?

My fiber storage cabinet! I'm just gitty with delight. Like most of my SnB gals have guessed... it doesn't all fit, but it helps. Wana peek inside?

What I think amazed me the most is how perfectly it fits in this cubbyhole next to the fireplace. Like it's meant to be.

My other half of crafty central is in a stage of chaos. Things need to be purged, organized ... as my art supplies, sewing machine and piles and piles of photos are taking over. Overall I'm happy with the new layout. The other side of the room will not be seen as it's been taken over by hubby's creatures.

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A :-) said...

Oh Yay!!! I love my armoire and I can already tell you are loving yours too :-) It looks wonderful!