Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Guess What Fits In Her Nose

Go ahead... guess. Miss Mac got caught with an object up her nose and she causally played it off like it was no big deal. Yep, these are the things I have to deal with. I'll give you a minute to guess.

In other news I've been working a few things this weekend.

Does anyone remember this one? Oh yeah, I pulled out the Damn Tam. It was half way done anyway, so hell lets get this sucker off the needles. I'm perhaps a row or two from starting the decreases. Don't you love picking up old knits and BAM it's all done in no time!!

I gained a few inches on the Pea Coat as well. This project unfortunately hurts my hands when I work with it for to long.

What you see is approximately 6 inches of the full body. The construction is fairly easy and the pattern has you knit up to the armholes and separate for the sides and back.

Okay, did you happen to guess a baby doll pacifier?

She comes running to find me "mommy! mommy! look!" then pops the thing out her nose (with a definite pop sound) and then sticks it in her mouth. Ewwwwwwwww!

I then said I'm taking a picture and she's all "cuz you love me!" ...ha! Yes baby blackmail pictures are taken because I love you.


Knitterary said...

That's hilarious. Poor Miss Mac will hate that photo later in life.

One of my nephews had some of those pills that turn into sponge animal shapes in water. While they were still in pill form, he decided to use them to plug his nose so he could go underwater in the tub. I think you can imagine how well that worked out.

Elizabeth said...

Definitely keep that photo for blackmail later. Be thankful it pops out-- Several years back I got called to school because my then kindergartner son had tucked an eraser up his nose. Had to haul him to the doctor to get it plucked out. Asked why he did it?

"I don't know. Cause it fit I suppose."