Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Silence

Frosty made it to our neighborhood this week, but unfortunately was gone the next day. There were some tears over this fact and we had to convince the little one that "He'll be back again some day!"

In the knitting department I've made some progress on the Pea Coat. Once I get to 14 inches then I'll separate for the fronts and back. I'm hoping it will start to move along quicker then.

The socks are coming along. I might be living in knitters denial. These socks are knit up on size US2 needles and are producing a very stretchy sock. I'm not to fond of loose socks, but I don't have the heart to reknit them. I've started the heels so if they start to be seriously to big then I'll rip them.

As for gifts this year, I received a lap full of Riverstone in Harvest Gold... Yum! and yes I'm wearing some fabulous Chillin' Froggy PJ's ~ Thanks Mom!

This pile of yummy stuff will be turned into this awesome project... Raise your hands for St. Brigid.

I'm just happy to have a moment to myself to relax and enjoy a little knitting solitude. I hope everyone is having a happy and safe holiday.


A :-) said...

Hope you had a wonderful holiday! That gold is going to be perfect on you for St. Brigid!!

Knitterary said...

I have yarn envy! That gold is gorgeous!