Friday, February 29, 2008

Upside Down Monkeys

If you are any sort of online obsessed Knitter (like me) then you are well aware of the obsession of the Monkeys. Any non-Knitter or Muggle (as we playfully call you) is going, huh? eh? Monkeys?? It's okay, but what is most interesting is how many are out there. Ravelry has a number of 4,099 monkeys...I know there are way more then that since not everyone is on Raverly yet and the pattern dates back to Winter '06.

At first sight I shrugged the pattern off. Then when everyone was knitting monkeys, I was all "Oh,'s not THAT cool" ... that was until I finished the Serendipity socks. The pattern and yarn just went so well together...

So far so good. My little Monkeys are growing nicely. The colors remind me of when you squint at a light Christmas with blurry colors setting it all off. The pattern is very simple and I bet I'll have it memorized by the time I'm to the leg. I cast-on this past I think I'm getting faster. Certainly wont be done in 8 days...or will I?


k_purls2 said...

Ok, this is hilarious, I just posted this morning about some socks I'm working on toe-up and I come to your blog see the same! Ha!

Now, I'm a knitter, but I guess a muggle for I don't know what a monkey is, but your pattern sure is cute.

I'm a dork. I need to get with it. My plan is knit socks like crazy this summer.

Mrs. H (aka MrsAych) said...

Sooooo pretty! :)

Laurelena said...

I love it love it, love it!

They look so awesome. I have not cast on for mine yet. Will come soon :)