Friday, February 08, 2008

Chocolate Overload

In my office we've started these "bonding" cook-offs as a way of producing comradery. It stems from this need to compete and a lot of "I'm better then you are" was pointless and unprovable. Well, until the big boss said "I make the best chili, hands down!"... nobody was going to just let this fly. Plans of what meats, beans and seasonings then started to fly. The next thing you know I'm designing Judging sheets for all employees to taste test the Chili.

It was fun and then while stuffed with tons of chili the winner decided that the next food item would be lasagna. easy...I'm a sure win and chose to participate in the bake-off. It's been now two weeks and after my victory I now get to pass the chefs hat onto another. My food item was Chocolate. I announced that it was an ingredient and any participant would have to use it as a dessert.

Talk about yummmm!!!

Can you believe there are 4...yes FOUR chocolate desserts waiting my judging.

I know for sure that my chocolate cheesecake would have smoked the competition, but alas this victory was meant for another. The winner was chocolate moose. I think everyone agreed that we would never do chocolate again. By mid-day we all feel ill and we still have left overs. sigh. not exactly helping in the healthy eating category.

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Merry Gentlemen said...

"I know for sure that my chocolate cheesecake would have smoked the competition"

yeah huh!