Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Woobie that started the second series.

After the first Woobie series was released I was amazed at how popular they became. I knew I liked them. Family and friends say they liked them... I just kind of shrugged and assumed they were humoring me. Yet the popularity of these fun knits is growing. I then knew I should consider designing more.

The problem with designing more Woobies is packaging it properly to fit the market. Everyone loves a bargain, so ideally it would also have to be another ebook. That means another 8 Woobies. Right away the sketch book comes out and I looked up my inishial design and there was the one Woobie I knew I wouldn't be able to withstand.

The Elephant.


Completely sweet and gentle. Perfect trunk for little hands to grab on to... or chew on;) And how can you not resist the ears??

I'm in the midst of the testing phase for all 8 Woobies. I'm hoping by the beginning of August I'll be sending my patterns to my tech editor for review and then they'll be ready for everyone to enjoy!

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