Friday, July 27, 2012

I've Lost My Mind...

Just a little bit. I signed up to participate in the Ravellenic Games of 2012. It's basically the Olympics for Knitter! With the opening ceremonies starting today, I had to pick a project that would be challenging. For the next 16 days I'll try to complete the project.

Since my Leftover Sock Yarn Blanket has been on go since circa 2008, that had to be it. I pulled it out of its sleepy chamber and counted and measured.


There are 247 squares so far assembled (big squares count as 4). I have 94 squares to add to the blanket and if I want the blanket to be as long as it is wide I have to knit 80 more squares.

Holy-Squares-Batman! I know. I know. It is a challenge after all. I'm going for the gold people! Wish me luck.

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