Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Woobie Owl

I'm saving the best for last. I'll tell you I was not feeling this Woobie Owl at all while knitting the head. It looked like a bug. It also didn't help when I added the cream circles for the eyes. It made it completely worse.


It wasn't until I added the yellow beak that I just sighed and awwww'd about this little guy. He's also slightly different since I added wings, but I don't think having just the head would have sufficed. He is my winner. Love him so much!


Mother of Chaos said...

LOL - I will take your word for the not-love before the beak went on. It looks 100% adorable from top to bottom to me! 8^D

Amy said...

He is my favorite.

Angela Pea said...

Oh yes!!! He's adorable!