Thursday, June 03, 2010

Just at Smaller Scale

Another graduate is in the house!!


I was able to attend Miss Mac's field day activities. I remember field days from my past with much fondness. It's interesting to see it all taking place as an adult. I kinda want to jump in and get in on some of the action. Tug-a-War anyone!!


This photo makes me laugh a little out loud. I can't describe the complete chaos that goes into having 80 kindergarten students all flying kites on one small patch of grass surrounded by trees. Yet, I think you can imagine;)

I have been knitting....


I haven't quite gotten the nerve to cast-on for Coraline just yet. I feel that I need this off the needles for fear of "new-project-syndrome".

I've completed the bottom edge lace, collar lace and nearing the end of one sleeve. So close, yet still many stitches to go.

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k_purls2 said...

congrats on all the transitions, first grade and high school! Can't wait to see your August. The cardigan is coming along well, the blue is outstanding. I'm just getting started and I'm using really light grey.