Thursday, June 17, 2010

FO: Featherweight Cardigan


Pattern: Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig

Yarn: 1 skein and a few yards of another Filatura Di Crosa Centolavaggi

Needles: US 6 circular needle

Started: March 26, 2010

Finished: June 9, 2010


I was a little worried that using such a spiderweb yarn would cause a serious change in gauge. I measured and found it difficult to get a good judge of stitch count. sigh... I suppose this teaches me again why I knit swatches.

Since the numbers I was getting were inconsistent, I chose the average stitch number which then lead me to go up in garment size to make sure I didn't end up with a form fitting sweater. The end result is large and I swim in it, but I love that about it.


The pattern calls for a simple rib for the border, collar and cuff but I chose to add some lace. Thanks to my Knit Peep Knitterary for lending me the book Knitting on the Edge. Tons of fabulous stuff in that book... I know I will definitely have to add that to my collection.

With the 14 st lace pattern picked out, I did have to do a bit of reordering as the pattern is written top up and not top down. No biggie, just chart it out and BAM. It's all good.


I also added 10 short rows along the back neck to allow the collar to fold down instead of bunching up around my neck.


I am truly happy to be wearing this sweater and very pleased at how the lace adds that bit of posh!


Suzy D said...


KathyR said...

Absolutely superb result!

Knitterary said...

Yes, it's large, but it's so light and fluid that I think it ends up being more beautiful large than it would have been tight. Yours is the prettiest featherweight cardigan I've seen yet.

Great idea to add short rows to the collar.

Anonymous said...

Very, very pretty. I like what you did with the edgings a lot. It gives a little more coverage across the chest but lacy and nice. Great job.