Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I have been avoiding you. I'm sorry about that. It has been a very rough month and I just wanted to deny that it ever happened. Some of you know what I'm talking about and thank you for all your support.

So lets start on a Good note.


Better-Than-Booties Baby Socks are done. Now my Sister-in-law can officially have the baby and I'm hoping that these little knits moves things along for her.

Now for the Bad.

There has been an upsetting turn of events for my new Featherweight Cardigan. I knew this would happen and I didn't listen to myself. sigh. I had been wearing my new cardigan everyday and enjoying it tremendously. When I was done I would roll it up and stick it in my huge purse and la-de-da. Well, there must have been too much movement and shuffling in the purse and the best I can tell, my wallet must have tussled with it.


The purse won that fight hands down. I shake by head because it still hurts to even look at it.

Then I discovered the Ugly.


What you see there is a full tear on that pull. I know. It's hard to even fathom. I knit that sweater for 3 months and only got to wear it for three days and WHAM!

After talking with some very helpful and knowledgeable knitters, I can fix this. I just don't think I'm prepared mentally and emotionally just yet.

My only other option is to embrace the Steampunk fashion


Art Lynch said...

Hello, Kris,

I noticed the reference to HIGHLIGHTER TAPE. Please email me at artlynch@yourgoodiebox.com. Use "Highlighter Tape" as the subject. I have a proposition that will benefit us mutually.

all the best,

Art Lynch

Kris said...

I need a little more then just an email Arthur... I don't care for spammers or scammers.