Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Knit & Crochet Blog Week: Day 3

One Great Knitter

Write about a knitter whose work (whether because of project choice, photography, styling, scale of projects, stash, etc) you enjoy. If they have an enjoyable blog, you might find it a good opportunity to send a smile their way.


Melissa Leapman. {swoon} Where is my fan because I'm flushed;)

What is it about Miss Leapman? Just checking on Ravelry she has 409 designs spanning from her own published books to magazines... it was the cables that made me fall head over heals for ML.

Stitches Midwest 2008 was the year I was introduced to her and her witty yet sassy New York charm. The celtic cables class was a hit and I loved how well she embraced the teaching roll. The class focused on her newest book that was coming out the following month Continuous Cables.

As it turns out, she's had another book launch: Color Knitting the Easy Way just hit the book stores yesterday in fact. Another cool thing about this is she's also teaching a class based off of this book at this coming Stitches. I think it will be hard to NOT take her class;)


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