Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Did You Miss Me?

I love going on vacation. I love it even more when it's for a full week. I love it double when it's full of un-planned events. What stinks is coming back to laundry, bills and dentist appointments.

Since time slips and I want to keep you folks in-the-now, I've got pictures:

We discovered Geoffrey likes to surf the internet.

We ate tons of this.

We made funny faces into cameras.

We discovered fish the size of Miss Mac.

We fell in love with Kara all over again.

We caught bubbles by sunset.

All while knitting on my Feather Weight Cardigan.


-k. said...

omg! look at mac on that horse!! too sweet - i fall in love with her all over again with these pics!

k_purls2 said...

Love Ms. Mac blowing bubbles. Your son is growing. He looks so much older! Very handsome. I was wondering how the cardi was coming. Looks great.