Monday, March 22, 2010

Totally Distracted

This weekend happened so quickly that I'm glad I took some pictures, because I could have easily thought it was based off of a hallucination from the drugs for my teeth... damn root canal.

The last we meet, I was contemplating a new project.

I ended up taking the Oasis yarn. The soy yarn is interesting to work with and it feels softer in the ball then actually knitting with it. It has a tendency to lay flat like a ribbon yarn, but I don't think it will stay that way once it's blocked.

I had two skeins in solid purple and one that was variegated with a blend of pinks. I decided that I would ultimately do the boarder leafs in the solid, but wanted this blend effect to happen along the way. To get this effect I switched yarns every two rows then added more rows of the solid as I got closer to end.

Isn't it lovely? I really enjoyed my trip and I'm hoping to sort through all the photos soon. The view was such a distraction that I left my pattern on the plane and didn't realize it until my Mom asked about my project. sigh. At least I knew the pattern well enough that I didn't need it.

This lovely tulip was a gift from Miss Mac (she made Daddy buy it). Too cute!

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