Friday, March 26, 2010

Kiss Me Because I'm Irish!

As I was posting up these pictures to show off all the goodies I've been picking up... I noticed a theme. Hummmm. Perhaps because it's March? Perhaps I have Spring Fever.


It all started with the bag. Namaste Laguna in lime that I picked it up at the Loopy Ewe. That website is really is a great place to just swoon. Please note that the Cedar Leaf shawlette is well under way in this photo, but currently I can say it is blocking!! Dude. Under a week from start to block. Not even enough time to fully get the project on my Ravelry page.

Wollmeise 80/20

Then on one awesome day I stalked the site to see if I could. and. I. did. SCORE some Wollmeise. If your not familiar with the yarn... it is very sought after. To the point where it's become a controversy. I don't plan on selling this yarn on ebay just to make a huge profit. No, I've got some plans with this little awesome bundle of greenness.


Then while outside taking Hello Daylight photos in the evening!! I glanced over to my dead patch and noticed the glorious signs of spring. Tulips. Lovely tulips that Miss Mac and I planted not that long ago in the fall. sigh. Green, green everywhere... I love it.


Then while perusing ebay, I notice this book and decided Why Not. I'm still daydreaming about which pattern to wrap my mind around. I really want to do some color work. I'm feeling the spark come back ya'll!


Last but not least is this little mug that makes me smile every time I take a sip. So then I had this dream the other night where I got a black sheep tattoo with the green clover and all! How funny would that be? Check out the Black Sheep Collection... I want it all!!!


yarnorgy(Bethany) said...

So.... when are you going for that tat? :)

A :-) said...

That would be some VERY cute ink . . . ;-D

-k. said...

omg - yes yes YES! Get that tat!!