Friday, March 05, 2010

Take Your Giraffe To Work Day

How many of you participated in the Take Your Giraffe To Work Day?

When I noticed that Susan B. Anderson was doing a book signing at Nina's... I dubbed March 5th Giraffe Day!


After a short trip on the Chicago Blue Line, we ended up in Wicker Park with Nina's just two blocks away.


Susan is sweet and super friendly. You can see she is truly proud of her books, as she should be. The entire store was filled with the Itty Bitty toys and it was fantastic to see and feel them in person. The store was fairly busy when I got there, but within the hour it was crammed full of knitters.


Geoffrey has a huge crush on this little sweetheart. It was a good thing that she was shy because he was trying to talk her into climbing. She wasn't having it.


On the way home he kept asking when was he going to come out and play again!


Not until he learned to behave;)


A :-) said...

Oh YAY!!! It looks like you had a total blast :-) I'm so glad you got to go, Kris!!

Aberdonian said...

I'm sorry but they never learn to behave! I have a little Sam giraffe and he is likes exploring, causing mischief, poking me on the nose and he shudders at the mention of udders.

yarnorgy(Bethany) said...

Ah! Wish I had remembered about the book signing yesterday. Here I am today checking to see when it is (was)! ugh!

amlahe616 said...

So exciting for Geoffrey and you. Glad to see the girl was not going to let him lead her astray