Friday, March 07, 2008

Little Wicked Top

Wicked is going sooooooo good in the Maaaaaalabrigooooooo. So good in fact, I reached the part where I can try it on. What do you think? How awesome is it that you can try on a sweater to see if your on track??

Don't mind my office cluttered desk. I'm pretty happy so far and what else can I rave about...the yarn is OMG fantastic and the pattern is super simple. Makes me want to do all my sweaters top down.

1 comment:

ShopDaughter said...

LOL!! You're so cute!!! The color is so perfect on you! As for top down, that is EXACTLY why I've vowed to only knit top down sweaters ~ at least till the kids are out of the house and I get some serious knitting time. Top down ROCKS!!!