Monday, March 17, 2008

Foggy Monday

What have I been up to? sleep. tissues. NyQuil.

I should be home on the couch, but alas Friday is the start of Spring Break.. AKA: Vacation. I'll be off to the sunny side of the states and enjoying every loving minute. can't. wait.

I should have done laundry, but didn't. I did dishes, but no mopping. Knitting was on the list and I most definitely got some of that done. My main goal was to not sneeze snot all over the project in my hands...I did accomplish it. In fact I was in a knitting fever. So obsessed I was that I finished Wicked. It's blocking and just waiting for the right moment for a photo shoot.

The Daffodil socks are coming along great:

Some slight pooling along the heel ankle area, but I enjoy seeing the random swing of color.

Because Wicked is off the needles, I pulled out the Fulmar.

I've missed working on this and happy to have it back in my hands. I've only got three more days to figure out what to bring with me. Will I finish the Daffodils in time to wear them? if so, then should start another pair for the flight? I think I'll toss Fulmar in with the luggage, but have you ever thought... what if my luggage goes missing? urg. The stress of flying.


Knitterary said...

I think I'd be scared to fly with Fulmar. Feel better soon!

A :-) said...

Hope you're feeling better - and that you will have a wonderful vacation!! :-)