Wednesday, June 04, 2014

When Life Takes Over...



It's that bad. BUT I will not apologize for being absent.

What I will do is tell you that I've been busy with 6 color work patterns that are all a part of an ebook. I'm looking forward to launching that series. I need to secure a photo shoot location and some models. Doing my own modeling is okay in a pinch, but it would be nice to see new faces.

And in other big news, I've also lined up 8 more Woobie Designs that I'll be releasing as I finish them. The first has been knit, but I'm going to record some tutorials along with this Collection number 3 that I think will be valuable to those of you struggling with some techniques.

Here, let me sooth you over with a picture of the finished yarn when last we met...930 yds of a 3ply heavy fingering.

Happy with the turn out...930 yds of a 3ply heavy fingering.

The other random bits that I've been knitting is the Sockhead Hat by Kelly McClure on as a pick-up-and-go-kind-of-knit:



I'm on my third's potato chip knitting for me. It's also great for stash busting sock yarn.

Tons to talk that I can talk about it, I'm looking forward to sharing all the things with you. Thanks for hanging in there while I was MIA.

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