Tuesday, June 26, 2012

TNNA Saturday Day 2

Saturday is the official opening day for TNNA. The exhibitors have spent the previous two days setting up their booths and getting jazzed about opening day. I know a lot of energy goes into assembling a booth and if you're coming from across the country or over an ocean I can't image the challenges that brings.

All of the booths looks so pretty and each had their own unique style. I wish photos could have been taken, but that's not allowed. I know, bummer.

Being that TNNA is a members only event, there is no buying. It's whole sale ordering for yarn stores and other vendors. Me going as a designer, I had to play it cool. The exhibitors are there to make money and talking with a designer is not high on their list. Not that they aren't open to it, everyone was completely awesome and amazingly friendly... you just need to respect the sales process. Allow them to do their thing and they'll love you for in return.

After walking around the floor for hours, I saw that it was lunch time so I headed to the best place in Ohio... North Market. They've got everything. You want Belgium Waffles? got it. You have a taste for a BBQ pork sandwich? totally got it. What they also have is Jeni's Ice Cream. I started collecting the little sampling spoons and then realized that was a little odd....but OhMyGod, I think I took it a bit far, because every time someone said "I'm heading to Jeni's, wanna come?" Like, I'm going to say no. Hello? It's completely awesome!!

By late afternoon I was spent. I headed back to the Hotel to recharge my battery because I was going to dinner at Haiku with the ladies from Knit Picks. What a fun bunch and Stacey is super sweet. It was a real treat and a highlight of my trip. We ended up stopping by Jeni's afterwards for another scoop or two:P But like I said, it's soooo good.

From there I headed back to the Hotel to chill out. If I had know that the biggest party was happening at the Hyatt Bar that night, I might have stopped off to have a drink or two. And from what I heard it was the place to be. It's kinda like Vegas...what happens at TNNA stays at TNNA;)

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