Thursday, August 26, 2010

Falling Down at the Kauni Booth

We arrived at Stitches Midwest early Friday morning and were able to get checked-in first thing. We then made our way down to the market for which I had no plans besides buying buttons for a particular project. Discovering that the Ruhama's booth had Kauni yarn was just magical.

Yeah, it's crunchy yarn, but I kinda dig it. It's rustic and the colors, OH-MY-GOD, the colors!! So when I saw the Oakland Shawl hanging as a display I knew that I had Fallen and fallen hard.


The one that smacked me silly was the golden brown orange yummy one. I was then hitting a brick wall. What other color to mix it with. That is when a lovey lady attending the booth came over and helped me. She showed me this trick to seeing visually if the colors would give me the look I wanted. They have sample swatches that show off the full spectrum of colors. It's a little hard to see all the depth these balls have. You take the sample strip and start twisting it with another sample. Before long your seeing the magic happen. The colors blend and pop and BAM. You've then picked your next color and are heading to the check out.


I was so excited to get going on this project that when I made my way by the Signature booth it sealed the deal. I cast-on that afternoon and was happy to bring something pretty easy to the Pajama Party that night in the hotel lobby.

Side note: Vodka Fresca's in pineapple and coconut drinking glasses is killer fun!


A :-) said...

We're both knitting with crunchy yarns right now :-)

Knitterary said...

Mmmmm... Kauni *swoon*

gibknitty said...

looks like beautiful yarn!