Thursday, August 05, 2010

Do You Think I Like Green?

I don't know what comes over me, but every time I see this color I just about loose all sanity.


Lime Green has my number and Citron is the pattern. I couldn't resist the 1000 yards of Cashmere Lace that I picked up at Midwest Fiber & Folk a few weeks ago.

That brown yarn you see is a life-line... even in this simple pattern I'm not taking any chances. If your wondering how I got the pattern to print that way... well my darlings, I design the pages for myself. I don't like how the pages printout from the browser, so I download all the critical information and design a printout. Funny how the pattern project is also in green.


I've also pulled out the Every Way Wrap from my knitting basket. I don't recall why I stopped working on this, but seeing a sample at the Fiber Festival made me remember. It was quite funny looking at the sample hanging in one of the booths going, "Wow, this pattern is cool! I wonder if they have... oh-hells-no!" doh! So out of the basket it comes and into my knitting bag. At least it's not lime green... other wise I think people might talk about me. Yet, maybe they already are?;)

I had a brief conversation with a gentlemen as we were waiting for the train to pull into the station. He made a comment about my Knifty Red bag... "Knifty Red, huh.. shouldn't the bag be red." I'm thinking to myself, no, not really. I then commented that the bag doesn't need to be red as I'm red enough. He gave me a strange look. I wonder why? hahahaha!

Count down begins... 14 days until Stitches! Woot!

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Knitterary said...

Knifty Green? *giggle* Nope, you're Red, no matter how much you like green.