Monday, October 05, 2009

Quiet Blog = Surprise Knitting

There was a certain someone who is due for a bundle of joy come next year. We were graced with her presence this past weekend to laugh among friends and family and have our fills of good eats and cheesecake.

I completely wanted to steal this quilt right out of her hands... but I think I would have been tackled half way down the block.

This makes me want to SOOOOOOO learn how to quilt.

When you've got knitting friends, you end up with knitted presents. The knitted mobile is sweet and precious.

The Big Head stories started coming out about this point and as we watched her try to put all the ribbons over her head.... Sweetheart, I pray that your baby is health, but with a small head.

Dreamsweaver did a fabulous job on this basket weave blanket. The yarn is soft and completely washer and dryer friendly, how awesome is that!

I apologize now for the awkward photo... I do hope you like the Baby Surprise Jacket and Sweet Baby Cap. It was fast and fun... They turned out so damn cute that it was quite hard for me to part with them. Granted I'm not going down that road again, but sheesh what fun they are to knit.

Pattern: Baby Surprise Jacket (rav link)

Yarn: 2.25 skeins Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino

Needles: US 3 circular

Started: September 27, 2009

Finished: September 30, 2009

Note: I had to dip into another skein in order to finish the sweater.

The Peter Rabbit buttons were a great idea, big thanks to A:) for that suggestion.

Pattern: Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap (rav link)

Yarn: .5 skeins Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino

Needles: US 3 circular

Started: September 27, 2009

Finished: September 30, 2009

The cap was reworked to be a small newborn size cap and I modified the pattern to be in garter stitch to match the sweater.

I'm putting in a request to the Soon-To-Be-Mommy... I know you'll be sleep deprived and most likely wont even remember this, but if you do by chance happen to remember, I would love to know if these items fit. It's not often you have a newborn peanut just laying around handy to check for measurements.

Mazel Tov to you and E on your growing family!


A :-) said...

Oh, they turned out SO cute, Red, and I'm way glad you found the Peter Rabbit buttons AND that they worked out :-) Yay!!

Bonnie said...

Hey Kris !! I figured out how to fix the template !! It was easy too !

Have you worked with HTML before ?

In your edit HTML you will find this under the heading GLOBAL.

background: #DBD7CE url( repeat top left;
font-family: arial,verdana,helvetica,tahoma,Sans-serif;

I deleted the url though to .gif) and added a ; after # DBD7CE (except my color was different)

Does that make sense ?

I tried it, previewed it before saving, and it worked !! I'm so excited.

I hope this helps ...