Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Do you remember me showing you this:

Well... I didn't like it. Great Yarn. Awesome Pattern. They just don't work well together. So! I'm doing a Switcheroo!!

While perusing the isles of Stitches Midwest I was looking for a certain something that would work with the Awesome Pattern. Then lone behold I landed in the Sunday Knits booth. They had the most lovely of lovelies... Nirvana. How can you say no to Merino and Cashmere??? I know I didn't and now I've switched over and have restarted on my new Willoughby.

The yarn has a great feel and the pattern is just enough lace that I'm not going mad. Now, you've got to understand.... I don't do lace. I love the look of it and am amazed by anyone who can knit it. I would rather cross my stitches then produce holes in it:P Yet this pattern was calling to me from the moment I laid eyes on it.

And looky there!!! BOBBLES! I swore I would never, but in actuality they're kinda fun. Don't go tellin anyone please... who knows what people will think of me when they find that out.

I also don't want you to freak out about the lovely Orange Alpaca yarn... it is currently finding a new assignment.


-k. said...

i love this and may have to steal the pattern from you when/if i ever get through some of my other priority knits... what's the scrap yarn at cast on for?

Bethany (yarnorgy) said...

Those bobbles are precious! Little, nice texture, a nice tactile feature I'm sure! So back off bobble naysayers! Kris has bobbles! Celebrate them!

Kris said...

The cast-on edge is provisional cast-on done with waste yarn. This marks the center point, so when I'm done with half I'll pick up stitches and finish the other side.