Friday, February 06, 2009

FO: Postwar Mittens

Don't you just love a dedicated blogger? or perhaps I'm just crazy... outside I go for a photo shoot.

Pattern: Postwar Mittens from Twist Collective Winter '08

Yarn: 3 skeins of Dale Baby Ull in 3 different colors

Needles: US 2 bamboo DPNs

Started: January 8, 2009

Finished: February 2, 2009

Comments: Highly addictive. The class was excellent and I'm so happy to have learned how to catch the floats. I can totally see myself pumping another pair of these incredible mittens out. I think perhaps I'll move to metal DPNs for the next pair as the bamboo was a little nerve racking.

The only unloved aspect would be the thumbs, but in the end it didn't bother me enough to not want another pair. I even made mine custom with this:

Yep, That's RED 2009 on my thumbs! How freakin' awesome is that!


Knitterary said...

I'm not wild about that method for thumbs, either. A gusseted thumb just feels better when you're wearing them. But the inset thumb looks so fabulous with the stranded pattern! And yours are beautiful! I think you did end up with the right color scheme. :)

Anonymous said...

Your mittens look great. I just love your addition to the thumbs!

A :-) said...

Wow! Those came out great!

Amy Henry said...

I love them. THey turned out so well. I agree I may do another pair for me this time. Mine are done I just have to take their picture. Also your hair looks fabulous in the last photo.