Monday, November 17, 2008

Psychotic Santa Strikes

No one can ever say that Nana’s Knitting Shop can't throw one hell of a party. Thanks ladies, what a blast!

I had intended to do perhaps 2 or 3 different ornament designs... yeah, well we all can't be like Georgian right? So I set my sights on a little Santa. The pattern is not difficult and in a matter of hours I had him stuffed and hanging on the tree.

The pattern had brought back memories of my childhood during the holidays. Each year that we pulled out the decorations, my sister and I would play with Mr. & Mrs. Clause. They were handcrafted ornaments that eventually showed the true well loved nature of small children.

So, do you think that Mr. Clause will be lonely on the tree? I might have to modify the pattern in order to get Mrs. Clause.

In other knitting news, I helped Tangled with a photo shoot of her Avalon

I'm so thrilled to have helped out. I truly believe such a lovely item should be showcased to the best of our abilities. It was fun.... cold, but fun.

1 comment:

Knitterary said...

That Santa is adorable! Hardly at all psychotic. :)

Must run to Tangled's blog to check the rest of the photos. What a gorgeous sweater.