Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Today is Wednesday!

Thank you to everyone who has left a comment, you guys are awesome! Seriously, you made me tear up. After writing that post I felt lifted. Like a great weight was gone and I'm so grateful to have this outlet. Otherwise I would most likely take it out on my husband. He doesn't deserve that. Thanks again.

Lets talk knitting...

Slowly but surly I've been getting this together.

Second version of the Windmill Beret. It's funny looking back... it was SO HARD!! and now, not so much;)

In Spinning News...

The BFL Redwood Forest is all spun up and is measured out to be 9 wpi (wraps per inch) or a heavy worsted/bulky. Now I only need to toss this sucker on the needles to get me a great scarf.

I'm still a little confused as to the yardage... but I love it no less. If I were to guess, perhaps 200 - 250 yards.

I leave you with this quote. Can you guess where it's from?

I'm in the persuasion business and frankly I'm disappointed by your presentation.


A :-) said...

I'm guessing it's from Mad Men . . I have two eps TiVo'd waiting for me to watch! And hey that yarn is going to make a GREAT scarf!! If I can come tonight to SnB I'll bring a skein and show you how to figure yardage. You'll get it right away.

Nancy said...

That was my favorite quote this week! Wish I'd used that a few times ;-).

See ya later!

Knitterary said...

That was Peggy!