Monday, March 25, 2013

Survey - Hand Measurements

I’m currently working on some intricate designs and would love to gather some data from my awesome testers by having you take a quick survey. I’m hoping you’ll grant me a little bit of your time by taking hand measurements.

I’m finding there is a lack of standards of measurement used for hands. Really hoping that gathering these numbers will generate a more accurate standard within my own patterns. In my own personal findings, I purchase XL woman gloves and sometimes go up to a Medium men. Yet the charts on websites have me listed as a Small, which I know not to be true.

Please record your measurements in cm. This can help with a more accurate reading. Keep the measuring tape slack, not loose or tight.

Below is a diagram with the locations of the measurements:


A: Palm (widest part of the palm, across knuckles at a slight angle)
B: Thumb (wrap knuckle and cross tape so the 0 marker lines up with the edge of the tape below)
C: Wrist (below palm where the hand bends)

D: Thumb to Wrist (hold tape with pointer finger and thumb, measure to wrist where hand bends)
E: Thumb to Knuckle (tip of thumb to knuckle)
F: Finger Tip to Wrist (middle finger to wrist where hand bends)
G: Palm to Wrist (top of palm where fingers begin to wrist where hand bends)

Additional Information:
1: Age (Adult or Child)
2: Sex of persons measurements

You can reply to this post or visit the Knifty Red Designs survey thread on Ravelry... Thanks so much for your time.


Anonymous said...

A - 20.5 cm
B - 7.5 cm
C - 16 cm
D - 12 cm
E - 6 cm
F - 19.5 cm
G - 11 cm

Adult, a woman :)

KathyR said...

Smallish hands here!

A - 19.5cm
B - 7.5cm
C - 16.5cm
D - 11.5cm
E - 6cm
F - 17cm
G - 9cm

Adult - woman

Jenn said...

Adult Woman
A - 19.5 cm
B - 7.5 cm
C - 17 cm
D - 13 cm
E - 6.5 cm
F - 19.5 cm
G - 11.5

Anonymous said...

D- 9.5cm
E- 5.5cm
F- 15.5cm
G- 8.5cm