Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Parade of Finished Objects...

Over the holidays it was seriously intense around here. Not only was I working on launching the new blanket pattern but I had plans to Knit. All. The. Things. The original plan was to knit something small for most of the little people in my life. And to be honest, I had done a fair job. More things got added to the list, while others fell away.

Monsters for each of my SIL boys. They are at that perfect age (4 and 2), where a stuffie is still kinda cool and then add the "monster" bit in and we are talking winner-winner-chicken-dinner!


My son then saw these little guys and... well, lets say things got weird. My 6 foot 4 inch, 17-year old son... reverted back to his 3-year-old self. He said in the most sweetest voice, "I want one." Which just took me by surprise. I was planning on knitting him a hat, but since he was requesting, I just couldn't say no.

Thus, there was the red and black monster


New slippers for Mac because she grew out of her last pair.


Then there was this moment in late November that my husband wore out his slipper, so that got added to the list and now he has warm toes.


I purchased a thrummed kit from a vendor at Vogue Live Chicago and finished them pretty quickly:


I was then hooked. A quick jaunt to The Fold and was now making more mittens... a pair for Grandma in blue.


Then there was the Lined Beanie for Grandpa Larry made out of some left over gray Berroco Vintage yarn and some green/black Noro yarn for the stripes.


There is more to talk about, but *sigh*, I'm done for now. Perhaps I will pick up blogging more often. I miss it.

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Kristyn McCain said...

Wow that is quite a list. The monsters are adorable.