Monday, January 28, 2013

A Sweater for Eddie

It was around Thanksgiving time when my husband announced that he wanted a sweater. sigh. The next day it just so happened that I was on my way to The Fold with some knitting buddies. While there I looked over yarns to get some ideas. The only problem with this tactic is I had no pattern and not a clue as to his chest size. So, I didn't purchase anything that day, but went home to quiz the hubby about the style of sweater.

His answer? "I don't know." Great.

So, I log in to the Ravelry pattern search, did a selective search on worsted weight men's pullovers and it came up with about 350 or so pattern ideas. I sat him in front of the computer and told him to browse.

What happened next was really my own fault. I should have just chosen a sweater and been done with it. He would have loved anything that I picked, but I wanted him involved. Why? Why on earth would I want him involved...Yeah, get this... my husband then proceeds to judge all the men wearing the sweaters. sigh. He's bald. He's fat. I stood there shaking my head. Really? I know he was pulling my leg, but to think that a sweater would make him look bald is laughable.

He then picked a pattern, Able Cable. Next was picking yarn. I knew this was going to be the hardest of all. So, I asked: what color? I should have just pick one, but no...I'm a gluten for punishment. He told me that he wasn't sure what color it was. Huh? How is it possible for a former press-man not to know what color? So, back to the pattern search. I pulled the list back up and had him review the searches again. He found the sample in question. Guess what he found. A variegated yarn. ::Gasp:: Right??? There is no way in hell I was knitting a variegated sweater, especially one with cables.

I told him that the yarn was expensive and would cost up to $200 to make. That shut him down because if there is one thing I know about my husband, he's cheep. Not so much on everyone else, but totally when it comes to himself.

I then went stash diving and had a couple of options, but since my husband is baby when it comes to "softness" I picked Princess. The yarn is just about the loveliest yarn ever with a blend of cashmere and angora. I haven't told him the name of the yarn yet. I'm saving that little bit for later. It should be hilarious to see his expression;)


I started with the sleeves since it makes the project seem to go faster. Plus how can you not do them two at a time? Makes matching all that more accurate.

The only disappointing part is I thought I had 13 balls. It seems that I only had 11. I most likely used up two skeins for something else and didn't record the adjustment in my Ravelry stash. This then means I'll most likely will be purchasing a few more to finish this project. Oh well. At least I know in the back of my mind that I'll be able to wear the sweater too:)

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Darth Knitter said...

I'm pretty sure that I won your missing 2 skeins in a contest for your Nubby Hat pattern, LOL. The hat did come out a little big for me, so if I need to frog it and send the yarn back so you'll have the same dye lot, let me know. :-)