Thursday, August 09, 2012

Down to the Wire

I'm exhausted. I can't believe how much energy this blanket is taken from me. As I type this, all the squares are done. All the seaming is done. A few tails need to be woven it, but people. Seriously. I've started adding an I-cord lime green of course!

Heading to Stitches Midwest this weekend and I can't express the sheer excitement I feel right now. I will be dragging the blanket with me and hoping to win Gold! And I'll be chillin with the girls as we rock one of the best knit weekends of the year!


Amy said...

I love the lime.

A :-) said...


Missed you on the train, and then went, "D'oh! It's Stitches." :-D Have a wonderful time and I know you're going to finish that blanket edging!!! Yay You!!