Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fabric Pocket Lining for a Knit Sweater


Do you see this awesome vest. It was really hard to let go, but I know my Mom will get plenty of usage out of it. Its new home will be in her office and knowing that she'd be wearing this in that environment I felt that the knit pockets should be lined. Lets just say for a pen, a cell phone or even a few coins for the vending machine. If I kept it a knit fabric any one of those items could have damaged the pocket. What's the point of a pocket that doesn't work. I've got this thing about fake pockets. ugg.

I guess I must also mention that before putting in the lining I had not finished tacking down the inner knitted pocket flap. This allows you access to the inside and that's kind of critical.

So this leads to me taking a trip to Hancock Fabrics. My son did a great job of picking a coordinating fat quarter in the quilting section. Took it home and hot washed and dried the fabric first. Let me also just tell you that I own a sewing machine but I am by no means a sewer. If your looking for sewing info please visit your nearest fabric store. They are loads helpful and if you're honored to have friends who sew, then please talk with them. That's where I've gotten most of my information.


I took the fabric and folded it in half on its bias. This is to allow for some stretch once it's installed. Roughly measure the size of the pocket and cut the fabric with an added 1/2 inch seam allowance. Put right sides facing each other and a quick trip under the iron will have it looking like this.


Sew the top edges down. After doing this I think I over did it by sewing two lines. Totally not necessary.


The next part starts to get a little tricky. With my sewing machine I sewed the top edge to one side of the knitted garment opening. Once that was done I could properly gauge how wide the pocket was. I trimmed the fabric so it wouldn't bunch and then sewed up the sides.


I then hand sewed the other top edge to the opposite side of the knitted pocket. After that all there was left to do was tack down the knitted pocket lining to encompass the fabric lining. Voila!

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