Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Adventures

The holidays haven't fully begun in our house until the trip to see Santa. This was a little stressful for Miss Mac, as she wasn't sure what to say to Santa.

This leads me to the big question. When do I break the news about the Jolly O'Fella? With Eric it was during the summer he turned 8. He didn't seem to broken up about it, but I know with her it's going to be a big deal. She has been talking about him everyday and has plans of sleeping on the couch in hopes of catching a glimpse.



I even asked Eric about how he took the news and he's response was.. "I had my suspicions. BUT, wait a little bit to tell Mackenzie. She wont take it well."


The spirit of Santa goes on for another year then...


We have a artificial tree that we assemble every year, but this time my husband talked me into buying a real tree. So, with family in tow we headed to a local roadside seller.


Tied and strapped we headed home.


Shortly after having put up and trim the tree... It fell over. Don't you love the fact that Eric is laying on the floor eating popcorn while watching TV. Nice. I told him we should do some action shots of him being attached by the tree. With a slight shake of the head, no. Not going to happen Mom.


Mac was a little concerned... I told her we'll be shooting the Holiday Pictures with the tree on the couch. She didn't like that idea one bit.


With all the ornaments and lights taken off, Eric then became a Treehugger. Hahaha.


Everything back on the tree again...


Finally all ready for the family holiday photo... maybe;)

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