Tuesday, December 28, 2010

365 Project

On the train the other day, my friend A mentioned seeing a cool photo challenge called 365 Project. I've heard about this before, but felt that this was the right time for me to participate. The idea is that you take a picture every day for a year to catalog your life. I've decided to start on the first of the year and I hope this will give me the boost to use my camera more. Learn more. Shoot more. Let go and enjoy more.

Starting this project will also give me some blogging content... well, at least more frequent posts. It's funny how it took all of perhaps 5 seconds to be completely in love with the idea of taking a photo EVERY day, but I'm still challenged with how to date and title the pictures.

For example:




Day 1: 365: 010111

Day 1: 365: Jan 1, 2011

Day 1 - Title Name: 365

Day 1:365 - Title Name

I've got so many options that it leaves me wondering what would be the best one? the right one? This shouldn't be a hard decision, but what if I pick one and come around to the 200th photo I despise it.

So far the last one is my favorite... lets see... if I were to flash forward to Day 204... it would look like this:

Day 204:365 - Flower

Or maybe...

Day 204/365: Flower

Am I going crazy about this or what? Don't even get me started on the list of themes I should be coming up with. sigh.

All in all I'm kinda excited. Me and my camera each day... and guess where I'll be going on the first day of my 365 project?? The Annual New Years Day Fold Sale... what a way to start the new year!

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