Saturday, May 01, 2010

Knit & Crochet Blog Week: Day 6

Revisit a past F/O

Bring the fortune and life of a past finished project up to the present. Document the current state and use of an object you have knitted or crocheted, whether it is the hat your sister wears to school almost every day, or a pair of socks you wore until they were full of hole. Or maybe that jumper that your did just didn’t like that much…


What warms my heart the most is seeing my family wear my handknits without me begging. Normally I'd be instructing them to stand still while I take pictures. It's those moments that I get a glimpse of socks on Miss Mac's feet, or watching my son E pull on a woolly winter hat.

These moments also remind me of why I knit. It then got me thinking about all the stuff I've made and what I haven't blogged about or items that pre-date Ravelry. That right there is an odd concept, isn't it. What would we do without Ravelry.

I want to introduce you to "The Blanket". This project goes WAY back. So far back that this blanket is made of acrylic. Yep, this dates back before I was aware of Yarn Stores. Like, stores that specialize in JUST YARN. Who-Knew??

The Blanket was my first attempt at cables. In my dreams I pictured my entire family wearing cream colored Aran sweaters while sitting by the fire and eating smores. I just knew I had to learn to make cables...and so I did. Granted the swatch became a scarf and then it became blanket. Its got the characteristics of a beginner project as I notice all the things I would do differently now.

Finding this in a bag off to the side (I was trying to organize my craft room) was a real treat and reminder of why I knit. No longer lost and forgotten, I vow to give it a proper killing*, so it will now be a fine addition to the family.

*The reference to killing involves machine washing and drying of the acrylic to remove any sizing.


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