Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Woobie Video: Connecting Provisional Cast-on Hem

I know the one thing that a lot of knitters have when making the Woobie is hem. Yeah, it's a lot of stitches in the beginning...and Yeah, the hem takes up practically a whole skein of yarn, but the idea is that it gives the blanket weight.

 The other big issue with the hem is unraveling the provisional cast-on. Your connecting the 300 live stitches with the 300 cast-on stitches. I decided that perhaps a video might help. The video is a little long, but you get two techniques on how to handle this portion of the pattern. You get the safe technique which involves placing the provisional cast-on onto a separate needle and then you get the "Living on the Wild Side" version.

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Holly Cameron said...

AHHHHH.... so I naturally live on the wild side, since I didn't even consider using a second needle!!! Now on my second woobie, with another baby in the family coming next June, I see a LOT of woobie in my future :) I probably should have looked at all these videos before I did the first one...haha... oh well, it worked, and I LOVE them :) So professional looking when finished...that edge just makes the whole piece! Thanks!!!