Monday, August 01, 2011


Here is the reason why I couldn't blog about what I was knitting!


I was given the opportunity to design a pattern for the Twist Collective Fall 2011 Issue which is now live. It has been a whirl wind of deadlines, but I'm so pleased and giddy with excitement!!


The staff and tech editors of Twist Collective were all so fabulous to work with that I had no worries besides for my own deadlines. And it must be said that the photographer James Brittain did an amazing job for this photo shoot.


The pattern has instructions for a Tam, Cowl and Mitts and was inspired by the gusts of wind that capture snowflakes and twirl and swirl them about. Thus the name Tourbillon, which means swirl in French. This movement translates into vivid stranded color work throughout the main body of each piece.


Each piece has a turned picot hem leading to the main swirl design. The swirls and spirals are a more advanced pattern because of the non-repeating pattern, but don't be scared off by'll be swept away by these swirls.


Rebecca said...

I LOVE this fair isle set! Love it! I designed a couple FI hats last year and thought a matching cowl would be perfect. I searched around and didn't see that anyone had attempted that and then your gorgeous set came out on Twisted. Bravo! I'm definitely going to put your set high on my list of Fall knits! I might give it a try in fingering weight yarn since I have plenty in my stash. Then again, I might just give Briggs & Little a try. Great color choice, too!

A :-) said...

So beautiful, Kris :-) Congratulations!!!