Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 137-365: Winner

Day 137-365: Winner

I won a signed copy of How To Knit A Heart Back Home by Rachael Herron from the lovely ladies over at the The Knitmore Girls Podcast!

Look Proof!


I took part in a Mom & Me contest in their Ravelry group where you tell a craft related story centered around your family. So, I told a quick story about my mom.

"I remember my mother crocheting granny squares. We had tons of afghans to snuggle with back then… I even remember taking those afghans outside and making forts and teepees. I then had a moment of overwhelming dread because I also remember leaving those afghans outside. How could I have done that!! I immediately called my mother to apologies."

My entry was pulled randomly and they sent this awesome book my way. Plus extra goodies which is always sweet. I've been listening to podcasts for sometime now and I love listen on my way to work. The Knitmore Girls are a mother-daughter team that really have something special. Thanks Jasmin and Gigi!

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